Waterspout Hunting on Lake Michigan in August

It was shaping up to be a classic scenario for waterspouts on Lake Michigan.  Several chasers from the Midwest (friends of mine from Wisconsin and Illinois) came up to hunt down the waterspouts at dawn Thursday and Friday.  Ultimately we didn't get anything.  Thursday we were positioned in a spot between Sheboygan and Milwaukee, and there happened to be a waterspout reported north of Sheboygan, and a small one off of Bradford Beach, Milwaukee.  Then later in the evening after we were taken over by drizzling rain crap and had dinner, we missed an after dark spout off of Bradford Beach again.  We went back down to the waterfront for the possibility of more night spouts but were out of luck.

Thursday August 9th:

Friday several of us went to Wind Point, WI (one of my favorite locations) after briefly stopping at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee.  The winds were intensely strong and seemed to be cutting off the storm growth potential, and shearing away any attempts at spouts.

We had two beautiful days with lovely photos, however... and I am looking forward to more spout opportunities as the season progresses!

Friday August 10th: