May 30th, 2013 - Supercell chase in Oklahoma

This was a day we felt had more potential than it ended up living up to.  It was a crapton of driving and not a whole lot of "seeing anything."  The terrain was challenging and there were a lot of people out and about.  In the few spots we were able to pull off (scenic view pulloffs from the highway) - there were so many vehicles we actually got concerned about being able to get back to the highway once hail might start to fall.

We spent the day stair-stepping storms from northern OK almost all the way to Texas.  Ended the day having seen a nice shelf cloud on one of the tornado warned storms, some crazy movement in the first (pictured below) and a small storm at the end of the day that went orphan anvil at sunset.  My chase partner Skip Talbot actually has timelapse video of the storm from when we arrived on it as it was tornado warned all the way to its complete disappearance into thin air.  The video isn't ready yet but will be very cool when it is.

So, here are the few images I have to share from the day. :)