April 2nd, 2014 - Attica, KS

On my first chase of the year, Skip and I hit up this 5% tornado risk setup after an overnight in Oklahoma City.  We definitely weren't the only ones who were excited to get out and chase!


We gassed up and bumped into storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski.  He's such a nice person, a gifted chaser and always wants to talk about his excitement about the setup and chasing.  Great to run into him always!

While we were waiting for the cap to break, we noticed we were really close to Wakita, KS - where "Twister" the movie was set to take place.  We stopped into town and took a little walk around to pass some time.

Soon enough we had our storm and we were on our way!  Attica, KS has its fair share of history with tornadoes, most notably the EF4 tornado that created damage in the town in 2004.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic!  The road we were on was something like heaven.  This amazing supercell in one direction, more towering convection in another direction, eventually an amazing sunset in the other.  

At one point there was this amazing twisting motion as the cell crossed over us.  Skip noted that it was definitely lower level rotation, though it wasn't tornadic it was definitely dramatic and gave us quite a rush of awe.  Skip dubbed it the "Cinnabon."