Eastern Colorado 5/23/2015

Started the day with a 5% tornado risk in Northeastern Colorado, and we started the day in Limon replacing a wheel for TIV.  Then, we got out there and waited for initiation on a dirt road next to some pretty friendly cows.

Above:  Mad Mike ready to kill it behind the wheel.

Herb getting friendly with the cows.

We had some storms and decided to trail along with them to see if they might get their act together.  We had some really beautiful storms, but they were struggling to really get going.

You can see the huge arc of outflow above; it went for miles behind us.

A wide open field and a huge anvil.

Mad Mike and the Doghouse.

After a little break waiting to see if we would have evening development, we had a new cluster of storms.  We decided to get into the inflow notch area of this storm to see if we might see anything of interest.  It definitely wasn't a tornado play at this point but we had an amazing view of a storm with a really interesting structure I'd never quite seen before.