May 23rd, 2012 - MN storm

Jon Williamson and I made the drive south for the possible play for storms in the target area around northeastern Iowa / southwestern Minnesota.

On the drive, the winds were extremely gusty, and were kicking up all kinds of dirt and dust from the fields.  I grabbed this snap with my iPhone before deciding to take my camera out, just in case something like a gustnado kicked up instead.

It didn't look like the storms were really going to be happening in our target area, and the setup for the following day looked much better for us, so we decided to head toward northern Wisconsin to get into position for the following day.  On the way, Williamson's cigarette lighter went out, which means that the power for our laptops, GPS and phones was gone.  We made a pit stop to look at fuses and replacements, as the non severe storms were approaching.  (photobelow from my iPhone.)

We realized we'd have to take the car in the morning to an auto repair shop, and so we went down to photograph the storms rolling in over downtown St. Paul.  I'm so glad we did!  As Williamson says, "Storm chasing isn't just about 'nadoes."  ;)