Minnesota Chase - 5/1/2012

We targeted Sioux Falls, MN for what was supposed to be a sort of "day before the day" type of setup.

Right off the bat I got Local's Portrait #13:

Gotta get the dome ready to stream live chasing!

Then of course, it was a little bit of waiting before we had initiation.  There were these little moth caterpillar pods off the spot where we stopped to wait, so I thought I'd do some little shots of those dudes.

It wasn't long before we had a few storms, so we went for it.

Our first cell:

Some local farmers stopped to chat:

Locals Portrait #14:

This 2nd cell ended up putting on quite a show with this incredibly photogenic wall cloud and these amazing colors.

Ridiculously gorgeous:

We went for the southern cell that went tornado warned, just to take a peek.  While I got a really pretty shot here, we didn't see much but lots of wind and rain.  Though, if you scroll down, that's NOT a tornado - but was what was feeding into the storm as we approached it.  From our particular vantage point, it looks freaky, and almost like a huge tornado.  I thought it was kind of neat!