Friday, June 22nd Storms and Night Structure

Friday we chased a slight risk setup that fell right on the borders of CO/KS/NE.  We ended up with some incredibly beautiful and amazing storms.

A local showing off his storm snapshots to Skip:

Chaser convergence:

As we were hauling ass to get to the cell southwest of us, I spotted a column of dust and snapped a shot with Skip's camera:

Possible landspout?  We couldn't confirm it at the time but it could very likely have been a weak one.

And then later, some of the most amazing night structure I've ever seen.  It started to really get going.

It was amazing how the storm looked different depending on how and where the lightning struck and illuminated different parts of the structure.

We re-positioned to not lose the storm, and started getting this really amazing stacked plate kind of structure.  These shots were taken about 30 minutes after the above photos.

One or more of the CG strikes caused a fire, so we pulled over to take some photos.  It thankfully appeared that it was an open field that was not crop.  Hopefully the damage was minimal.