Waterspouts in Michigan - 9/22/2012

We had a great opportunity to drive up to Michigan for a waterspout outbreak this weekend.  I teamed up with my buddies Jon Williamson and Skip Talbot for the trip, Skip meeting Jon & I in Grand Haven Michigan since he drove up from Springfield.

We ended up driving down very early in the morning to a beach in South Haven, and though we missed a large waterspout about 15 minutes prior to our arrival, we caught a VERY close waterspout soon thereafter.  What an amazing moment!

The spout actually ended up crossing onto land, making it our first official Michigan tornado. ;)

After the morning storms cleared out, moving onto land that is... we went for a celebration lunch.  Afterward we napped in our cars trying to recover from lots of overnight driving, and woke up to find more storms had popped up over the lake.  By this time we had made our way up to Tunnel Park in Holland, MI.  We took a peek, and not only had one, but two waterspouts simultaneously.  What a gorgeous sight!