April 12th, 2012 - Kansas

Thursday, the beginning of a long, tiring, four-day excursion to the plains.  Little did we know that we would end up driving over 3,000 miles from Chicago, all the way down to Oklahoma (two counties or so away from Texas,) and all the way up to Minnesota before it was all over.

We started out heading to Dodge City, Kansas.  Of course, it starts out with Skip getting the dome cleaned up and ready.

We also had our good buddy Brad Goddard (also from Convective Addiction) out with us for this chase.  We would have never made it without his awesome duct tape and driving skills.  The man is a genius!

We bumped into Nick Nolte and Jonathan Williamson at a Subway where we got some grub and got our chase vehicles ready for the day.

Skip had the new van / new dome / camera setup going, so we could stream our chases live!  If you ever want to watch us, when we are out chasing we are usually up at Chaser TV.

The storms had pretty structure, low bases, but no tornadoes came out of them for us.  This bad boy below looked pretty precarious, and we were hoping things would ramp up around sunset, but it never did.