April 15th, Sunday - Minnesota Skies

Today was the day after the big day - we essentially "chased home," seeing as I live in Wisconsin and Brad and Skip live in Illinois.  Albert Lea is a tad bit out of the way, but we decided to go after the moderate risk anyway.

By the time we got up to Albert Lea, the northern storms were tornado warned, but they were heading almost due north and were up near Minneapolis.  We decided to stop for our celebratory steak dinner (the one we didn't get to have the night before,) - and then cruised down the little line to take a peek at the small storms.  Some were quite photogenic, particularly one little guy in the middle.  From there we decided to call the chase and head home, but not before seeing a rainbow, one very nice way to end a series of chase days.

Check out this little faker:

Brad & Skip doing the photo thang.

One of my favorite images from the entire trip: